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Our vision


The right transfusion, always, everywhere.

Who we are

The International Collaboration for Transfusion Medicine Guidelines is an independent collaborative of volunteers with expertise in transfusion medicine and related clinical disciplines, guideline development methodology and implementation research. The ICTMG secretariat is hosted by Canadian Blood Services, the primary funder for ICTMG.

Our mission

The ICTMG conducts and disseminates evidence-based practice guidelines through international collaboration.

As a collaborative of expert volunteers, the ICTMG's mission is to optimize patient outcomes through evidence-based international transfusion guidance development and relevant local implementation. The ICTMG delivers value in the following critical areas:

Improving transfusion medicine guidelines globally

We publish clinical guidelines following a rigorous methodology, and by engaging experts and representatives from relevant disciplines, societies, and patient groups.

Enhancing transfusion practice locally

Leveraging our members and collaborators' expertise and global geographical diversity, we create evidence-informed guidelines and resources to support better local and regional transfusion practices.

Increasing system performance

By engaging professionals from around the world and at various stages of their careers, we build capacity in guideline development capabilities and transfusion knowledge.

Our values

The ICTMG was founded on a core set of values that have shaped the way ICTMG has conducted itself since its inception in 2011. The ICTMG community shares these common values and works to ensure they are expressed in all that it does:

Passion - We are passionate about transfusion medicine and ensuring all patients and health care professionals have access to the best transfusion evidence.

Teamwork - We cooperate and work together to advance the practice of transfusion medicine.

Excellence - We strive for quality in everything we do from guideline development process to the resources and support we develop for implementation.

Stewardship - We use resources efficiently and effectively to further the collaborative's mission to serve the transfusion community.

Growth - We invest in ourselves and in one another to grow out knowledge in transfusion medicine, guideline development and implementation.

Inclusiveness - We engage those who are affected by our work, including patients and international experts across the world. We encourage directness, candor and diversity so that people and ideas thrive.

Integrity - We share information in an honest and transparent manner.  We remain independent in our decision-making process, keeping patients top of mind. We are accountable to all stakeholders being fair and consistent, and doing what's right.

Vision, mission and values

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Annual report
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