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ICTMG membership

Currently, the ICTMG brings together nearly 100 professionals, either as Full Member or Project member, and represents more than 15 countries.

Why join?

Grow your network: The ICTMG provides its Members with the opportunity to be part of an international community of experts dedicated to improving transfusion practice.

Increase the quality and number of guideline resources: Members contribute to the publication of high quality clinical guidelines and implementation resources to improve transfusion practice globally, as well as in their own jurisdictions.

Develop your skills: Members develop their leadership skills and their understanding of guideline methodologies and implementation strategies.

How to join?

The ICTMG is an international volunteer-based collaborative and therefore its success is dependent on individuals participation. There is no fee to join the ICTMG.

Individuals may participate as an ICTMG Project Member (contributing to one or more ICTMG Projects) or as an ICTMG Full Member (contributing to ICTMG Committees and Projects). To be considered for Full Membership, individuals must first contribute to the collaborative as an ICTMG Project Member. ICTMG Project Membership is limited to the duration of the assigned ICTMG Project.

Opportunities for individuals to join as an ICTMG Project Member are shared publicly. Individuals may be invited to apply by a Full Member, but it is not necessary. Interested individuals must complete an online application (see below). Applications are reviewed and appointments made by the ICTMG Committee responsible for the project to which the individual will contribute or by the ICTMG Project Lead based on established criteria.

Criteria for appointing ICTMG Project Members:

  1. Professionals at all levels of their career with expertise and skills relevant to the needs of the ICTMG Project(s), and

  2. Demonstrated commitment to contributing to an ICTMG Project, and

  3. Demonstrated professional working English.

ICTMG Project Members can apply for ICTMG Full Member status. Appointment is based on their ICTMG Project(s) participation and credentials, and the needs of the collaborative. Details on how to become a Full Member are provided to ICTMG Project Members.

How to apply to become an ICTMG Project Member

Complete the online Project Application Form to indicate your interest in a Project. A completed online Project Application Form allows an individual to indicate which project(s) they are interested in and why; qualifications, skills and expertise they will bring in support of the project(s); their anticipated availability for the project, and the name of a supporting Full Member, if applicable. An individual whose application is successful will be appointed as ICTMG Project Member.

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