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Intravenous albumin for pediatric and adult patients

Why did ICTMG develop a guideline for Albumin?

Intravenous albumin is administered in a wide spectrum of clinical scenarios where serum albumin levels have been reduced by acute or chronic illnesses and/or where crystalloids are deemed ineffective. There are potential benefits and risks associated with the use of intravenous albumin. Very few indications have an evidence base that supports its routine use in clinical practice.

This guideline provides evidence based recommendations for the appropriate use of albumin in specific patient populations where it is commonly prescribed. The recommendations apply to pediatric and adult patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery, kidney replacement therapy, treatment for complications of cirrhosis, or receiving support for critical illness (e.g., intensive care support, sepsis).

How to access the ICTMG publication

ICTMG's publications on albumin use include a clinical practice guideline and a systematic review of its use in cardiac and vascular surgeries.

PROSPERO registration:

Systematic review


  • Callum J, Skubas NJ, Bathla A, Keshavarz H, Clark EG, Rochwerg B, Fergusson D, Arbous S, Bauer SR, China L, Fung M, Jug R, Neill M, Paine C, Pavenski K, Shah PS, Robinson S, Shan H, Szczepiorkowski ZM, Thevenot T, Wu B, Stanworth S, Shehata N, on behalf of the ICTMG Intravenous Albumin Guideline Group, Use of Intravenous Albumin: A Guideline from the International Collaboration for Transfusion Medicine Guidelines., CHEST (2024), doi: 10.1016/j.chest.2024.02.049

Additional resources

A knowledge mobilization project (2024-2025) is developing additional resources to support dissemination and implementation of this guideline’s recommendations. Resources will be shared here as they become available. 

Journal Club webcast

View a webcast to learn more about the ICTMG guideline on use of intravenous albumin and review the existing evidence used to develop the recommendations. This webcast was recorded through a partnership with ISBT as part of the ICTMG’s knowledge mobilization project. The target audience for this 60-minute webcast includes anyone who performs, manages or studies transfusion medicine.

Journal Club objectives: 

  • To review appraisal of existing evidence used to derive the ICTMG’s 2024 guideline on the use of intravenous albumin. 

  • To review the guideline’s recommendations for the appropriate use of intravenous albumin.


  • Dr. Sheharyar Raza (speaker) 

  • Dr. Jeannie Callum (moderator) 

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