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Guideline support

The ICTMG supports organizations in their guideline development process by providing access to ICTMG representatives who participate in their guideline development groups. An ICTMG representative strengthens the guideline development process by providing subject matter expertise in transfusion medicine as well as by facilitating feedback from the ICTMG international transfusion community. 

Requesting an ICTMG representative

ICTMG will consider assigning an ICTMG representative when the guideline topic is aligned with its mission. When an ICTMG representative request is approved, the ICTMG will communicate with its membership to identify an individual who is best suited for the initiative.

If your organization wishes to request an ICTMG representative for your guideline development group, please contact the ICTMG Secretariat at along with a description of the guideline topic, the areas of expertise required from the ICTMG representative as well as any information that may be of interest to ICTMG and its members.

The ICTMG is currently supporting the development of the following guidelines:

Recommendations for the safe use of red cell transfusion in preterm neonates
ICTMG representative: Dr. Lani Lieberman, Toronto, Canada. 
Lead organization: Neonatal Transfusion Network
Publication: In-progress

The ICTMG provided support for the development of the following guidelines:

Red Blood Cell Transfusion
ICTMG representative: Dr. Katerina Pavenski, Toronto, Canada. 
Lead organization: AABB
Partnering organization(s): ISBT, American Society of Anesthiologists, American Society of Hematology, European Hematology Association, BloodNet, Society for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management, Society of Critical Care Medicine
Publication: Carson JL, Stanworth SJ, Guyatt G, Valentine S, Dennis J, Bakhtary S, Cohn CS, Dubon A, Grossman BJ, Gupta GK, Hess AS, Jacobson JL, Kaplan LJ, Lin Y, Metcalf RA, Murphy CH, Pavenski K, Prochaska MT, Raval JS, Salazar E, Saifee NH, Tobian AAR, So-Osman C, Waters J, Wood EM, Zantek ND, Pagano MB. Red Blood Cell Transfusion: 2023 AABB International Guidelines. JAMA. 2023 Nov 21;330(19):1892-1902.

Patient blood management
ICTMG representatives: Katerina Pavenski, Ziggy Szczepiorkowski, Nadine Shehata  
Lead organization: European Blood Alliance
Sponsors, Co-Sponsors and Partners: AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks), International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transfusionsmedizin und Immunhämatologie (DGTI), Societa Italiana di Medicina Transfusionale e Immunoematologia (SIMTI), Société Francaise de Transfusion Sanguine (SFTS), Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS), Canadian Blood Service (CBS), International Collaboration for Transfusion Medicine Guidelines (ICTMG), International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), National Blood Authority (NBA), Österreichische Gesellschaft für Blutgruppenserologie, Transfusionsmedizin, Regenerative Medizin und Immungenetik (ÖGBT):
Publication: Patient Blood Management: Recommendations from the 2018 Frankfurt Consensus Conference. Muller, M.M. et al. JAMA 2019 Mar 12;321(10):983-997.



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